.I just finished read an article called “put up or shut up“. The author is a skeptic of global warming ( thank god) and brings up several points that time will tell. It also seems that some people are misunderstanding what a weak cycle is.

Robert Zimmerman of the GWPF writes “If the solar minimum has actually arrived now, this would make this cycle only ten years long, one of the shortest solar cycles on record. More important, it is a weak cycle. In the past, all short cycles were active cycles. This is the first time we have seen a short and weak cycle since scientists began tracking the solar cycle in the 1700’s, following the last grand minimum in the 1600’s when there were almost no sunspots.”

There is some debate that this next cycle (25)m is the precursor to the next grand minimum where some believe it will be here to stay for a very long time once we get to 2031. I think that it is happening now as we see a very sharp decline in sunspots so far in 2018. right now we are at 63 spotless days and its only April.  Compare those numbers to all of 2017 (104 spotless days) and you see why many believe we are in the grand solar minimum now. ( The Eddy Minimum)

What strikes me with Mr Zimmerman’s statement is the part where he says this will be a weak cycle as if that makes this better. What he fails to understands is that weaker normally means fewer than predicted sunspots and more cooling to follow that. Maybe its a lack of education or maybe some of these Global warming guys don’t like to be corrected so they just ignore the important facts. He also mentions that the maunder minimum was the last grand minimum and that there were almost no sunspots during that period, kinda like what we are seeing in the beginning of this minimum. This leads me to believe that we are indeed accelerating into this current minimum and predictions of a long lasting minimum are starting to look like a reality.

Yes, only time will tell. If the low sunspot counts don’t correlate with low temps, the global warmist shall be vindicated. As of right now, the correlation is already here. Over 1800 cold record broke in the last 30 days with only two sunspots to speak of in that time frame and very little and weak sunspots I might add.

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