Kelvin Droegemeier has been appointed as the “science adviser” for President Trump,but why?

Kelvin Droegemeier. By National Science Board – Statement on the nomination of Kelvin Droegemeier as director of the White House OSTP, Public Domain, Link

Meet the new science adviser for President Trump. His Name is Kelvin Droegemeier. Kelvin Droegemeier has 35 year background in atmospheric research and specializes in extreme weather. He is the vice president of the University of Oklahoma’s research department and has held that position since 2009. Sounds like a very qualified individual, right?

The biggest detail that jumps out at me is his belief that humans are responsible for climate change.. Really? Who picked this guy and is the president paying attention to the people he chooses to advise his administration. President Trump has worked hard to roll back Obama era EPA regulations, but if the administration’s science adviser is AGW, how are these scaled back  EPA regulations going to survive?

Now, its been said that Kelvin Droegemeier has not been hired to advise the president, so whats the point of having an adviser of something and not relying on their expertise? In a way , this is welcomed news. This is not the guy we want advising the President on climate science unless you like high taxes and higher energy prices.

Could this just be a way to show the country and other politicians that President Trump is willing to work with people from both sides of the fence? Possibly, but still very contradicting when we are trying to prove that the science is not settled on the climate. I haven’t met anyone on the AGW side of things who don’t think “the science is settled “.For the AGW crowd, there is no discussion to be had about weather man has caused climate change.

We are learning more and more everyday about our climate past and what we can expect in the future with our climate. It’s all about natural cycles, but try telling that to our new science adviser…

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