Extreme weather to blame for lost profit..


This winter was a harsh one when it came to the cost of heating. In late December and early January, National Grid issued a supply issue alert and urging customers to use less natural gas, turn your heat down five degrees etc… The alert was over within 16 hours but since then we have seen this alert again.

Here in the Buffalo area, winter is still here at night and through the day as of April 12th 2018. That only means that the furnace stays on longer than usual and that alone raises millions of homes budget’s when it comes to energy to keep you and your family warm. National Grid is warning investors of a possible slimmer bottom line than normal because of the long lasting winter, not only here but our friends across the pond as well felt a harsh winter.

This raises a serious concern because the answer that National Grid has for its customers is “we need to use less in the near future and beyond”.

This tells me as these winters continue to get worse each year, we will also continue to see these supply shortage alerts and rising cost to heat your home. Now is the time to start thinking about next winter and we how  can heat our homes more efficiently and effectively .


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