Valentina Zharkova’s Work Retracted FOR NO REASON

We live in a world where money talks, where AGW Alarmists can shoot down proper science with no debate.  AGW Scams have run rampant, spreading rhetoric, turning true science into political science for profit.    Today it saddens me to report that Valentina Zharkova’s paper: Oscillations of the baseline of the solar magnetic field and solar irradiance on a millennial timescale has been retracted by the SR Editor Marszalek without stating any real reason…  The retraction is based on a single paragraph in the last section of the paper (not more than 150 words) which accounted for less than 3% of the paper’s content.  This small percentage ridiculed bared no weight enough to change the context, figures, abstract or conclusions of the paper.  This retraction is indeed a denial of new and independent research and a cover-up of the important solar forcing that has been missed in terrestrial models because of a reduction of the Sun-Earth distance with the rate of 0.00025au per 100 years as reported by Valentina’s team.

Ever since the paper has been released, Valentina and her team have received MAJOR pushback and disrespect by those who disagree with her theories.  She has been completely disrespected in the science community.  It is extremely disheartening to witness.  As you know we are very fond of Valentina Zharkova and her team.  I have seen her be slandered and disrespected first hand by people who seemingly did not read the paper in full or did not have the comprehension skills to decipher what the paper even means.    There has been so many knee jerk irrational comments and assumptions in regard to her paper. When it first was released my jaw was on the floor with how many misunderstood from the very beginning.

Is this what science has become?  A hostile cesspool of hatred, jealousy, sexism, envy, and angst on opinions that differ?  Science, where money talks and big agendas steer what the narrative will be?

We live in Orwellian times.   I implore you to educate yourselves, know your history and be objective.

There is no reason to be scared of Natural Climate cycles!!! (Unless your wallet relies on AGW Propaganda!!!)   Unraveling the carbon tax, wealth distribution schemes explains ALOT why the science community is suffering…   We must take the Politics out of Science.  Right now Science has been overshadowed with USELESS Political Science & agenda based rhetoric. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!!

-Mari Riley, GSM News


With that I will leave you a statement from Valentina herself:

From Valentina Zharkova: Attention!!

The SR Editor Mr. R. Marszalek retracted our paper without stating the real reason – the Editor and AGW people object the suggestion of the paper that the Sun-Earth distance changes periodically over a long period of time, 2100-2200 years. The AGW people claim that the S-E distance is the same at all times.

Now you can find our paper here and on the archive 2002.06550 until we publish it again.

The retraction confirms that our paper was very innovative indeed if the AGW people are so afraid of us telling to other people the truth about solar inertial motion and its effect on the Earth and other planets.

While the current Hallstatt’s cycle of 2100-2200 years, which started during Maunder Minimum and continues now until 2700. This means that the Sun currently moves towards the Earth until 2700. This, in turn, will result in extra-heating by the Sun of Earth and other planets that can account for the observed increase of terrestrial and other planets temperatures.

The authors’ objections to the paper retraction were not published on the SR site, in spite, we have sent them these documents. So the author documents can be found here read it here

The links to the published archive paper and to the erratum paper calculating the solar irradiance and terrestrial temperature can explain to everyone what they are afraid of.

This retraction reminds us of the medieval ages because we believe, the SR Editor did the retraction on not so well explained reason because they try to cover up the important solar forcing input caused by SIM not considered by any temperature models.

This suggestion is confirmed by the publication in New Scientist where the only people who commented on this retraction were the AGW supporters G. Schmidt (NASA) and K.Rice (Edinburg University) read it here



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