OPEN LETTER TO ELISE STEFANIK and anyone who will listen…

I tried messaging Elise on her site but the 500 character limit simply is not enough to express my dire message.  So please listen and offer this community some assistance.

We run a solar physics climate, space weather news channel on Youtube, and also several climate blogs, however, this applies to ALL natural climate scientists who have been affected.

Google pulled the plug on “climate deniers” a false term for people who do not believe mankind is the main contributor to the climate.

I don’t know if this would be considered, slander, defamation, abuse of the 1st amendment, or some other violation of a constitutional right. This is why I humbly come to you to gain understanding.

This “authoritative consensus” is WRONG.  There is plenty of evidence to prove this but mainstream outlets are shutting true rational climate science down because of the wealth distribution involved with the carbon tax system.

What google is doing is censoring and defaming climate science supporting natural cycles.  This is very dangerous and Orwellian  

By demonetizing these climate reporting outlets, there is also an algorithm that ranks demonetized content far lower than monetized content, essentially burying the messenger.  Essentially voiding the checks and balances of climate science and allowing the one-sided extremist narratives to take hold of society.    This is a very dire concern for me.

Is there anything legally or is there a place you can point me to work with the government to balance this out?   I work with several climate scientists and astrophysicists affected by this.  We NEED a voice.  This affects ALL of humanity and our children’s futures.

We are essentially holding mankind back by allowing this to happen.   PLEASE HELP US!

When we have big corporate entities trying to knock us down…AS “HARMFUL CONTENT” !!!
YOU have to ask WHY!
We preach about adapting to natural climate change, we encourage people to THRIVE into the future. We are against the doom and gloom they are feeding our children because we as modern humans are better than that!
We are the community putting pressure on the governments for TRUTH. We are the ones trolling the UNIPCC. Our message is POWERFUL.

Natural climate change IS REAL. Pollution IS BAD.

This attack on us proves we are on the right track. Our platform will be the biggest AMPLIFIER for our rational true scientists.

Email me your thoughts please,

Mari Lee Riley

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