Last week I wrote about tropical cyclone “Iris” and how it would have decayed by the 31st of march, well it did but now it has re-intensified as of April 1st 2018. Here is an insert from the article:

Tropical Cyclone “Iris” re-intensified into a tropical cyclone on Sunday, April 1, 2018 while moving through the Coral Sea toward Queensland, Australia. Iris is now moving parallel to the coast of Queensland, dropping heavy rain on a region that already saw huge amounts of rain over the past weeks. While the system is not expected to make landfall, it will continue intensifying over the next 2 days, dropping heavy rainfall and causing local flooding and river rises from Wednesday. This could result in disruption to transport and isolation of communities, particularly if the system lingers close to the coast for an extended period. This cyclone first formed March 24 as the fourth named storm of the 2017/18 South Pacific ocean cyclone season.

Once again, thanks to for keeping up with this storm and keeping us informed. It was all but wrote off as of last week. Click the link below for full story and stats:

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