February is also down to +0.20 Deg. C

As  long as I’ve been researching the Grand solar minimum and global cooling, I have used this chart as a pretty good scale to observe our cooling atmosphere. March is here and generally that means the Northern Hemisphere will begin to emerge from winter and temps will go up. This also means that fall and winter is looming around the corner and places like Australia and New Zeland have had record rain and temps.(high temp records).

The question is, will the Southern Hemisphere winter season keep global temps down and just how warm does it get after such a brisk winter for most in the northern hemisphere in 2017/2018. Time will tell and this chart is showing a downward trend in temps. In just two years time we are down 0.68 degrees C. Global warming scientist(if you can call them scientist) have claimed that we will only see a drop in temps by 0.30 for the entire minimum. We have more than doubled that and we are only at the beginning…

UAH Global Temperature Update for February, 2018: +0.20 deg. C

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