1.4 million people could be impacted by flooding if 78-year-old Prado Dam fails


Multi-Day Siege of Severe Storms to Hit Plains and Midwest With Tornadoes, Hail, Damaging Winds, Flooding

At a Glance

  • A multi-day siege of severe weather will flare up in the Plains and Midwest into the weekend.
  • Another round of severe weather will then follow in the Plains Monday and Tuesday.
  • Tornadoes, large hail and damaging winds are all threats.
  • Flash flooding is also a significant concern.

Rounds of severe thunderstorms with tornadoes, large hail, damaging winds and flooding rain will erupt in the Plains and Midwest Friday into the weekend, then again Monday into Tuesday.

A pair of energetic weather systems will ride a powerhouse jet stream into the Plains and Midwest this weekend into early next week where they will intercept moisture returning north from the Gulf of Mexico. Supercells and long lines of severe thunderstorms known as squall lines are both possible, at times.

2019 Mississippi River Flood the Longest-Lasting Since the Great Flood of 1927

1.4 million people could be impacted by flooding if 78-year-old Prado Dam fails

 – Federal engineers are raising alarms that a “significant flood event” could breach the spillway of Southern California’s aging Prado Dam and potentially inundate dozens of Orange County communities from Disneyland to Newport Beach, it was reported Friday.

After conducting an assessment of the 78-year-old structure earlier this month, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced that it was raising the dam’s risk category from “moderate” to “high urgency,” the Los Angeles Times reported.


 Current Reservoir Conditions

There is a lot of speculation about the Oroville Dam and the severe weather on the way. The maximum capacity of Oroville Dam is 3,537,577 acre-feet at the time of writing this the dam is at 3,394,446 acre feet.  143,131 more before it hits its MAX.   There is no current imminent threat of failure.

Levee Vulnerabilities:


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