Valentina Zharkova on the Upcoming Grand Solar Minimum

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Valentina Zharkova’s article confirming the next Grand Solar Minimum titled, ‘Oscillations of the baseline of solar magnetic field and solar irradiance on a millennial timescale’ has been accepted on Nature International Journal of Science.   Her team predicts the upcoming Grand Solar Minimum, similar to Maunder Minimum, which starts in 2020 and will last until 2055 and the GSM cycle will again arrive in 2370–2415.

With the release of this paper, she clarifies her new findings on the Super Grand Minimum Cycle.

When GWPF released her presentation there was quite a bit of speculation in regards to the “blurred out slides” referencing the Super Grand Minimum cycle.    The slides were blurred due to a peer review process and data was under embargo.  We now understand the last minimum of a super-grand cycle occurred at the beginning of Maunder minimum.

Her teams calculations match up with the timelines of the (Maunder Minimum) (1645–1715), Wolf minimum (1300–1350), Oort minimum (1000–1050), Homer minimum (800–900 BC); also the Medieval Warm Period (900–1200), the Roman Warm Period (400–150 BC) and so on with great accuracy.

Currently, in the cycle of Super Grand Minimum cycles, the baseline magnetic field and solar irradiance are increasing to reach its maximum at 2600, after which the baseline magnetic field become decreasing for another 1000 years.    Why is this significant?  It clearly shows we warm and cool as a part of these complex natural cycles.    Our planet and sun move in a complex orbital pattern which in turn affects our climate.

We have been told by the IPCC we are going to increase drastically in the near future.  Valentina’s model using SIM (Solar Inertial Motion) predicts a warming trend indeed, but only at an increase of terrestrial temperature by about 0.5 °C per 100 years.  Essential debunking IPCC claims, this is very significant.

The upcoming grand solar minimum predicted, similar to Maunder Minimum, which starts in 2020 and will last until 2055 is a huge cause for concern.    We have seen increased unstable weather patterns, floods, crop failures, wild swings in temperature (both up & down).  Now is the time to adapt.  We can not fight this natural cycle.   Food prices are on the rise, some countries are already fighting off famine.   The time to ADAPT is NOW!

BOTH NASA and NOAA also are forecasting very low solar activity, in fact the lowest in 200 YEARS!

NOAA released a more modest preliminary forecast for Solar Cycle 25 on April 5, 2019 similar to NASA’s Kitiashvili’s predictions they state Cycle 25 will be similar in size to cycle 24 or lower.

NOAA expects that sunspot maximum will occur no earlier than the year 2023 and no later than 2026  (Kitiashvili’s Prediction 2024 – 2025), with a minimum peak sunspot number of 95 and a maximum of 130 (Kitiashvili’s Prediction a very LOW 50).

In addition, the panel expects at NOAA state the end of Cycle 24 and start of Cycle 25 to occur no earlier than July 2019, and no later than September 2020.  The panel hopes to release a final, detailed forecast for Cycle 25 by the end of 2019.

Looking at independent solar researcher David Birch’s chart it’s clear to see we are already near Dalton Minimum levels.

TSO Observations David Birch

Valentina’s Paper can be found here:


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