What has the 70,000FT Shiveluch Volcano “Eruption” Taught Me?

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It was Sunday night, a friend of mine, also fascinated with the subject of Earth changes reached out to me about my thoughts of a report of a VERY LARGE 70,000 FT Volcanic eruption at the Shiveluch Volcano.   The concerns were that people were reporting on this major eruption when the data to vet/confirm the data was simply not there.

The one report was ranked confidence low and had a flight level of 700 which is off the charts (no really it ISNT EVEN ON THE CHART LOL)  The next report came in 15min later…

So in 15 mins the report went from a 70,000 FT Eruption to a 23,000 FT Eruption.

I also noticed in other reports this data was transferred from Japan to Alaska where there is a metric change


Flight levels in Meters and Feet example:

Unable to vet that volcano I decided not to report on it until the details were more clear.

The next day I was back at it, I could not find anything else that supported this 70K Eruption. There we no pictures, no satellite data nothing to support that a VEI 5/6 had occurred.   I had many people upset that we had not reported on it on our social media platforms.   As much as I explained why it seemed everyone wanted to quickly latch onto the bad news and used sources such as Youtube and blog sites for verification.  Everyone that had reported on this did not go to the actual observatory and look at the source.    The reports clearly showed that there was a typo and a correction had been made with-in 15min of the original post.

We are apart of a community that covers our suns influence on the planet.  No other channels on youtube felt the need to question the data or even correct themselves.   We are standing alone there.   This community is supposed to be made up of people who want “truth”  but if the truth does not suit a narrative then I suck for questioning…right?

I would like to thank David Birch and Teo from The Watchers for standing with me in the search for truth.  watchers.news tirelessly puts work into vetting the information they post.  I have huge respect for that.  David Birch messaged several sources to help verify the data as well.  Times like this really highlight people in their true light.  I have huge respect for both of these individuals.

Jake, my partner here at GSM got called a fraud for not lying about the 70,000 volcano.   A fraud?

It saddens me we would have better clout in the GSM community if we had lied and went with the others reporting an event that did not happen.

Is that what people want?  It is not in my being to be a GSM sheep.  I am a habitual fence sitter, observing as much as I can take in.  I am so thankful there are some people out there working very hard on keeping the data true.

We live in an already confused world.   Those who have “awoke” to the troubles that lie ahead I truly hope you note the efforts in place to filter thru all the BS … FROM BOTH SIDES….

So lets think about it for a minute using basic logic.

What do we know?

We know one report stated FL700 -70,000FT

We know 15min after it was corrected stating FL230 23,000 FT

Lets just say the 70K FT did happen.   The aviation reports all are telling our pilots now to be careful only at FL230 ?

So if this Plume exists why would authorities allow planes to fly into the drift zones? Would that make sense to jeopardize pilots and innocent lives of people on planes?  None of it makes sense.

70000 ft (21300 m) Or 23000 ft (7000 m)  There is a big difference.  People take for granted the power of nature.

A 70K FT Ash cloud could not simply dissipate to 23K FT in a 15min time frame.

Where are the insane pictures of the plume?

Lets look at a different REAL VEI 6 eruption that actually happened.  Most people are familiar with PINATUBO:

(Image credit: USGS) A large eruption occurred at Pinatubo on June 12, sending up a cloudy plume that reached an altitude of nearly 12 miles (19 km). This was the first in a series of powerful eruptions that would culminate on June 15 with the largest land eruption living history has seen.


(Image credit: USGS) Then, on June 15, the volcano blew its top in the second largest volcanic eruption of this century. The eruption caused high-speed avalanches of hot ash and gas (pyroclastic flows), giant mudflows (lahars), and a cloud of volcanic ash that spanned hundreds of miles across.


The eruption plume from the June 15 eruption (shown here from Clark Air Force Base) shot some 25 miles (40 kilometers) thats 131234 FEET into the air, creating a giant mushroom cloud in the middle to lower stratosphere and injecting twice as much sulfur dioxide into the air as the 1982 eruption of El Chichón, Mexico. The resulting sulfate aerosols spread rapidly around the Earth in about three weeks, reaching global coverage by about one year after the eruption, according to the USGS.

So if you are are going to report on an absolutely HISTORIC volcano eruption please confirm the data is correct.  It is a huge diservice to the audience and community in general to allow bad information to go thru the filters.  I would hope at least some of the people reporting on this volcanic event to have integrity and RETRACT the VERY WRONG information they are spreading.     This community knows all too well that our climate is changing. We all know we need to prepare and adapt to these changes.    There is no need to back the facts with disinfo.  There is no need to slander and discredit our group for asking the hard questions.  The information speaks for itself.     I am happy to retract this article if someone can provide me actual proof that this Shiveluch VEI6 actually happened.


So…. What has the 70,000 Shiveluch Volcano “Eruption” Taught Me?

It taught me that –

  • people would rather latch on to false information to suit the narrative they preach
  • being honest and trying to maintain the integrity of information is a thankless job
  • there is a lot of people that want and root for doom and gloom
  • If you question others you get blackballed, slandered and discredited in this community, beware
  • cognitive dissonance runs rampant on both side of the climate debate
  • Trust Very Little
  • I have some solid allies and friends that truly fight for truth, I am forever thankful for these people

Integrity is everything to me when I am reporting data. I forgive those who mock and put me down for being thorough and questioning everything.

More tidbits that back what I have been saying.

No need to choose a side… all I ask is people zoom out and be objective… be honest… do not latch onto an answer… be comfortable with the unknown…

And a message to the independent reporters out there: Don’t be hateful be HUMBLE…be TRUE.  Do what is right and report the data accurately.

I will be happy to see retractions and a more unified front in providing factual information regarding our climate.

Dear Mari,

I have followed up on this with a representative of the Smithsonian’s Global Volcanism Project. The initial flag from the VAAC was in error: a small eruption did occur, but with a plume height of no more than 23,000 ft. The National Weather Service has now released a correction (see it here on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NWSAnchorage/status/1166119625068728320). The mistake may have arisen due to a metric/imperial mix-up (23,000 ft = 7000 m), but I cannot confirm this. Hope this helps.

Yours faithfully,


Dr Jamie Farquharson



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