We are now 5 months past Maria and the update is not good. I’ve discovered an article where this reporter took a trip to Puerto Rico to report on the recovery status and what he found was shocking(no pun intended) to say the least. Power lines are still down in many places. Power lines on the ground where kids walk to school! Utility poles that are rigged up with rope tied around trees are actually transferring energy. Puerto Rico is a US territory and I know damn well that we wont see down power lines in Massachusetts five months from now. . But its not all of FEMA’s fault either. Donald Trump faced some harsh criticism when he commented on the pre maria infrastructure of Puerto Rico being in bad shape. He was right though. This reported that there is evidence everywhere that preventive maintenance and other repairs have been neglected when it comes to the power authority there. Things like tree branches not trimmed back or even growing into the lines. Also, workers found a warehouse where things like new power lines were being hoarded by its local government so the had the material need, the just weren’t making the effort to keep up. So many fingers could be pointed at FEMA, but after you read this article, you will realize that there is plenty of blame for this clean up  process or lack of,on both FEMA and the local government of Puerto Rico.


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