2017 was a year for the record books. Especially in California where Oroville dam had failed and a complete breech was feared. It was was in the news for several weeks as experts all over the world began to play Monday morning quarterback on what to do to repair the dam by its rainy season. (November) Thankfully, October,November and December were slow starts in California for rainfall and oddly enough, we are seeing heavy precipitation once again in California and along the Sierra Nevada and the North west coast as well. 6 feet of snow fell in the Sierra Nevada’s as warming temps could cause flooding concerns as well as some good rain chances as well for the region as a few strong low pressure systems will impact the west coast by Sunday, March 11th 2018.

Here is an article I found from January of 2018 that gives the latest on the Oroville dam as once again heavy rain and floods will be a concern in the region in the coming days.

OROVILLE DAM SPILLWAYS: Construction update for January 26th

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