Rain event compared to a storm from the last solar minimum

Photo credit ; watchers.news


This is the third time in 2018 that I have reported on a rain event in Australia that brought at least 16+inches of rain in a 24 hour period. Just like here in the United states last summer ,where we saw three major hurricanes  dump heavy amounts of rain. This will continue in other parts of the world throughout 2018 and beyond. No more soft landings. Things are changing fast and crop loss is also accelerating as well. The more we continue to flood like we have in regions throughout the world (not just in the U.S) the more likely chances of a price spike in our food. After that it will be the shortages that we will deal with until it gets to the point where we will have to grow indoors(vertical) and raise livestock mostly indoors as well too. We have the brains to adapt to the Grand Solar minimum, now we have to get to work.

Here is the link to the article at watchers.news:  https://watchers.news/2018/03/10/major-flooding-hits-queensland-comparable-to-2009-flood-event/

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