MUST SEE Mini Ice Age is Near! GSM- Media Highlight

This information must be shared! Please share!! *Will your children be prepared?* This documentary has been around for awhile and rounds it all up very well. We would like to thank SEAWAPA for their support getting this information out.… Please subscribe to their channel as well! Thone Siharath founder of SEWAPA is about as innovative as the come. We are a community of individuals that are awake.

We support one another. *CHECK OUT OUR INTERVIEWS:* *JOHN L CASEY* *VALENTINA ZHARKOVA* *DAVID DILLEY* *ROLF WITZSCHE* GLOBAL FREEZING: 15-year #miniIceAge of #SolarCycle25 to start from 2021 ( as the sun prepares to ‘HIBERNATE’ ( #IceAge will follow during #SolarCycle26.

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