AVALANCHE Isolates a Village in Pakistan & Forces Evacuations

An avalanche of snow has occurred near the village of Hakuchar in Pakistan’s Nagar district and blocked a connecting road forcing the authorities to evacuate 43 houses in the village.  The villages were transferred to a school building located in the phakar Valley

Gilgit-Baltistan Disaster Mana­gement Authority (GBDMA) has identified possible snow avalanches in Jaffarabad, Nilat, Dadimal, and other villages of the district in coming days and advised the local population to shift to safe palaces.

Work on restoration of the road was underway, adding food items, medicines and other basic facilities had been provided to the evacuated people.

Heavy snowfall, GBDMA had conducted a survey in Nagar district to assess potential snow avalanches, adding various villages, including Jaffarabad, Nilt, Dadimal, Ghamadas, Myachar and other areas, were identified to be vulnerable to snow avalanches.

The official said GBDMA was formulating a mechanism to cope with such a scenario, and also advised people to adopt preventive measures.

Meanwhile, the local people criticised the GB government for not taking urgent measures for restoration of the road. They said people were trying to clear the road of snow avalanche on their own.

Meanwhile, intermittent snowfall continued across GB on Wednesday, and it was reported that many feet of snow had accumulated in upper parts of the region, which was rare in decades.



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