Are we being censored?

It seems to me that you have to do a lot of digging for news articles when you want an update about volcanoes or earthquakes. Just today i put together a video on a rare tornado in Northern India, The village of Zira near Punjab. Thankfully i was able to find plenty of footage on twitter and other social media platforms. But if not for social media, would we even hear about these stories?

Trying to find updates on these volcanoes are like a scavenger hunt. Very vague and very limited information. What would be a good reason to hide these extreme weather events? Maybe its to ease panic or worry because over the last two years, Extreme weather is on the rise globally. The proof is in the pudding when you do find the info on whats to come. This Grand Solar Minimum officially kicks off in the next two years with solar cycle 25.

Either way, we here at the Grand Solar minimum channel, We will always bring you GSM News that matters and clearly shows the relevance on why we are reporting. We hope that the information you receive from us is clear and easy to follow. Feel free to email us at  for any requests or more clarification. Please allow a little time in between request as this channel continues to grow daily. Here is the footage on the tornado and the wild weather in Victoria,Australia.


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