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Solar wind

speed: 336.7 km/sec
density: 6.1 protons/cm3
more data: ACEDSCOVR
Updated: Today at 2302 UT



‘Since when does Ohio get earthquakes?’ Magnitude 4.0 earthquake shakes near Cleveland

Study determines Tatun Volcano and Guishan Island are active volcanoes, Taiwan

Deadly flash floods hit Ouest Department, Haiti

Heavy rain, hail and strong winds hit S, SW and E China, leaving at least 7 people dead

Hundreds evacuate in western Japan as rainy season sets in


Trump’s Latest on Climate: Right Again! (re UK’s Piers Morgan, Prince Charles)

Did The DNC Reject A Climate Change Debate To ‘Protect’ Joe Biden?

What To Do About The Imminent Food Collapse


Flooding and transport disruption likely from heavy rain in southeast England during Monday afternoon and evening


Much of the East will be relatively cool for June as intense heat builds into the West from a weather pattern change setting up across the Lower 48 this week.

The jet stream will become amplified over the next few days, as it takes a pronounced southward plunge east of the Rockies. When that happens, the jet stream tends to build northward in the West. This is somewhat unusual for this time of year since the jet stream typically runs in a flatter west-to-east fashion near the Canadian border during the summer months.

As a result, this week’s forecast has contrasting temperatures from coast to coast. Rainy conditions will also continue to plague parts of the East.

Cool and Wet East

This weather pattern won’t be completely dry, however.

After the early-week rain departs the East, more showers and thunderstorms will spread across the Midwest and East from Wednesday through Friday.

Pattern Change This Week to Keep East Relatively Cool as a Heat Wave Moves Into Parts of the West

  • Much of the East will see comfortable temperatures for June in the week ahead.
  • Hot temperatures may approach daily records in parts of the West.
  • A jet-stream pattern change will create this temperature dichotomy.

To all those who served in the floods, thank you

UAH Global Temperature Update for May, 2019: +0.32 deg. C

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