Working on the GSM mobile site.

The mobile version for this site is being developed. You may get some pages that do not load as I convert things over. I am doing some major overhaul of the code to greatly speed up the site on mobile devices. The GSM social features only work with the desktop mode at this time. I’d like to thank those who have given me feedback on this site. I’ve been working on this site day & night and hope you enjoy it. I am still looking for people to log in and use the gsm social sections and forum to get things rolling and to give me feedback on how things are working on your devices.

?These ads suck but the help pay the cost of the site. I’ve sunk in a lot to maintain the site for hosting, endless hours coding etc. I am upgrading the server speed and will be adding the ssl cert for security. If you would like to make a donation for my efforts developing and maintaining this site you can do so through PayPal, it’s very much appreciated.

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