Interested in a GSM Live Call In Radio Show? Become a Patreon.

We are going to test this concept and our Patrons get first access to the program!

Opening up this live call in show will expand the conversation!  We want to hear from our Subscribers & Patrons!

Tell us what you are doing to adapt!  Share gardening or prepping tips, ask questions, tell us how your local farms are doing & so much more!

You are apart of this GSM Community! Use this show to have a voice within the GSM Community!

So Saturday at 8PM EST +4 UTC we will be testing this new system out!

Our call in number will be posted very soon and if it works out we will add an 800 number for international callers.  We will try to make these shows at different times to satisfy viewers in all time zones.

Patron funds are used to reinvest into our Youtube and to add features to our website!

It is only $1 to start and greatly helps our efforts getting out info regarding GSM, World News, Climate News, Space Weather & More! Want to pledge more? That is very much welcome!  

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Q: Why only Patreon?

A: Hosting live shows cost money.   We have to pay for the call in lines and there is a per minute fee for hosts and callers. We also want to shield the show from trolls and give a safe place for people to discuss the varied topics we cover.   Right now we have about 20 Supporters and are hoping to grow that.

Q: Can I use other forms besides Patreon?

A: Absolutely!   All reoccurring Paypal & Subscribe Star Supporters will have access to the Live Call In Shows and are Welcome to Call! Information will be emailed to PayPal supporters and  Subscribe Star supporters will have a post with how to connect!

We only have 1 Paypal Supporter and 0 SubscribeStar

So far Testing our the different Platforms has been challenging, finding something that works… see links below

Q: What is the call in number?

A: We will provide all information on Patreon, the link to see the show, Phone number etc. will all be posted this Saturday.

Stay tuned…. more to come……

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