Wood stove bans should be lifted.

Many of us lately have been thinking about how are we going to stay warm during a power outage or worse, a power grid failure? There is a claim out there that these wood stoves might affect the climate more than you think because of the type of C02 that these stoves emit. https://wattsupwiththat.com/2018/04/03/194702/ .  The reality is that wood stoves, vented properly, are going to be the best way to heat your home during those winter months.

The hope is here in the very near future is that we see  carbon taxes and other regulations go away since Donald J Trump took us out of the Paris accord. A report came out not too long ago that only 8 countries are in range of following the stipulations and meeting regulations. Also, globally , C02 has risen 1.7% since putting the Paris accord in place October of 2016.

These measure that were put in place were supposed to cut back on man made C02 and I think the results are telling it all. Man does not affect the climate. You can ban all of the coal and oil and wood stoves all you want. C02 rise is natural and can not be stopped. But when it comes to keeping warm with no power, its definitely wood stoves that will do the job with proper installation. Again, before people freeze to death because of this useless regulation, Remove the ban on Wood Stoves!!

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