Record low solar activity= global cooling

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Here is another example of information starting to make some traction. Earlier today, I post an article from Forbes because to see such a warning in such a respected platform as Forbes, this was a big deal. I was going to share an article that was talking about solar cycle being confirmed becoming even a deep solar minimum than solar cycle 24. Solar cycle 24 was the lowest solar activity in over 100 years. At the bottom o this excellent article, was the same Forbes article that I shared.  I was very happy to see that there were other highly respected platforms, that agreed that this was indeed a big deal. The word is getting out. the words global warming is becoming mum. When you see warnings like this directed at people who are well off and then some, you bet your ass you pay attention to the message.

Here is the link as this website has some very useful graphs on display as well.

Approaching 'grand solar minimum' could cause global cooling

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