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Valentina Zharkova on the Grand Solar Minimum

A message from Valentina.

The upcoming grand cycle will be of Maunder minimum type as we reported at the National Astronomy Meeting, UK and

This was later published our paper in Nature Scientific Reports, Zharkova et al 2015 where we predict the solar activity for the cycles 25-27 to be very low (see Fig. 2, bottom plot) forming a grand minimum shown in Fig. 3. None of Russian researchers can produce these curves, while we not only predict the solar activity forward and backward by thousand years explaining these curves by a classic dynamo theory.

We also shown that these grand minima are numerously repeated every 350-400 years for the past 5000 (and 100000) years as shown in a few later papers in JASTP and

We ask to show your support for Valentina and help fund her very important research.
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Please when you send the donations mark you donations with the words ‘For solar activity research’
ALL Funds go Direct to Valentina Zharkova and her VERY IMPORTANT RESEARCH on solar activity.

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