Our mission

    Mari and I have developed our Youtube channel (The Grand Solar Minimum channel) into much more than i have ever imagined possible. The goal? To educate as many as possible.

Now I am very happy that this GSM community has grown. Other channels have emerged since we first began with our channel. Each channel brings a certain aspect of the Grand Solar Minimum. We wish every channel success with their  channels and hope that there will be a certain level of integrity kept among the GSM community.

With that said, we encourage everyone to do there own research and form your own conclusion. What you will not see The Grand Solar Minimum Channel do is ,support investment opportunities or any concept of digital currency. Why are we saying this you might ask?

Lets just say that knowing what we know about our up coming Grand Solar Minimum, why would we support digital currency? IN a time where the earth will be vulnerable to solar flares and possible grid failures, would not make sense to put any money into digital currency. How will you recover lost funds due to a hack or solar activity shutting down our grid?

Like Mari says, learn a trade or read up on homesteading. A trade and knowledge on agriculture and homesteading will be the best investment to yourself and these things are going to propel you through The Grand Solar Minimum.

This is not an easy task but we must be able to prepare for a society that might have to roll up their sleeves and become self reliant through growing crops and trading and bartering. Crypto currency will be useless if the power grid is down..

J Riley

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