Ocean temps are also trending down

Ever since ocean temps peaked in January of 2016, we have seen a steady decline since. In fact, we are almost as low as were in the last minimum in 2008 and we have only just begun this grand minimum. Thanks to the starman  channel (on youtube) and his useful teachings, he has alerted me to these temps and has explained how this all works. He told me that he has observed rising and falling temps, but what he has seen in the north Atlantic, is something to keep an eye on. its not that the north Atlantic ocean temp drops, but how fast it dropped and the affect it had on the overall global ocean temps. Its still early and the north Atlantic temps have rebounded some, but indications are leading that this wont rise back up all the way and should continue to show a downward trend into the future. Id like you all to take some time to review this recent article here on


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