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Insert from :A powerful ice storm brought freezing rain and ice pellets to much of southern Ontario on April 14 – 15, causing power outages, fallen trees, flooding and an ‘almost unprecedented’ over 1600 collisions on slippery Toronto-area roads.

We had one hell of a weekend here in the northeast! First we started Friday with moderate rain, gears then quickly shifted on Saturday changing from rain to freezing rain. The ice accumulated through the evening here in Buffalo and overnight as well. It looks like our neighbors up north got the worst of this. Even though we were supposed to get a half inch of ice ourselves here in b=Buffalo, There  were over 100k people without power and over 1600 vehicle crashes also reported in the Ontario area.  No power outages to report here in Buffalo as city officials worked feverishly to get tree limbs trimmed back from power lines to help minimize power outages.

Rain has been the story here in western new York and Ontario. Over 2.50 inches fell in Ontario leading to floods and uprooted trees. Also high winds snapped power lines and trees as well. As this system wraps up (Xanto), western New York and company are now dealing with snow . The snow won’t stick around as temps have only hit the freezing mark for only a few hours. Side note: once again, The Royals baseball team has been affected once again as their game against the Toronto Blue Jays has been cancelled due to falling ice around the stadium.

Thankfully. we have limited precip to deal with here in the north eastern U.S for the rest of his week, but it is April and rain and thunderstorms are inevitable ..

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