Is global cooling even debatable anymore?

It seems like every time I turn on the computer, I find another article or another paper that verifies what our planet is going through. Although you could say the same about global warming papers. It also seems that more and more scientist are saying that global  warming is pseudoscience.

I guess the biggest question is “how can i tell whats fact or fiction?” Trust the science. Many people ask how do we know what the temperature on the planet was 15000 years ago? Ice cores, ocean floor sediments and about 15 other ways to measure, but these two are the most accurate. If you think about it, Earth is a giant chemistry set. I think its amazing that  we can identify everything through these methods.

If you understand the science of the Grand Solar Minimum, It makes complete sense on why so many scientist today are agreeing that the earth is heading for a cooling period. The warming has stopped as of 2016 and it is my understanding that we will never see the warm climate like that in my lifetime.


So, now we have to plan for our children to get through the Grand Solar Minimum. Unfortunately, they will experience the worst cold climate to hit this planet in over 300-400 years. Thats why it is so important to educate and have the ball rolling so that our children and grand children can thrive.I think once you start to understand the science of the Grand Solar Minimum, It all comes together and when it does, no time for fear or agony. Its time to roll up our sleeves and get to work on ways to sustain our food supply. Only you can make a difference for yourself and your family. you can not rely on others to take on these tasks.


The time for talking is over, its time for action now. Get an indoor grow system going, start setting aside groceries each week that you can put away, start thinking about alternative heating and such. Thats where i would start.. We are too smart and too strong not to survive this upcoming Grand Solar Minimum…



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