Grand Solar Minimum News / Extreme avalanche danger in Colorado/ Winter Storm Taylor Update

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Solar wind
speed: 402.6 km/sec
density: 3.7 protons/cm3
more data: ACEDSCOVR
Updated: Today at 0048 UT

What the hell is going on? 3.4 earthquake & Sinkhole opens at Kentucky zoo

What the hell is going on? 3.4 earthquake & Sinkhole opens at Kentucky zoo

Record Southwest Indian Ocean tropical cyclone season

Tropical Cyclone “Haleh” became the sixth Intense Tropical Cyclone of the 2018/19 Southwest Indian Ocean tropical cyclone season at 12:00 UTC on March 4, tying for the most ever in a single season. The last season that had as much intense tropical cyclones as the current was the season of 2006/07. VIA @WATCHERS.NEWS

Pre-monsoon cyclone season in North Indian Ocean, tropical cyclone watch begins via WATCHERS.NEWS


Extreme avalanche danger in Colorado, historic avalanches expected via WATCHERS.NEWS

Italy sees 57% drop in olive harvest – The worst in 25 years

Italy could be forced to import olive oil due to weather @WFMZ

Bad weather, frost have crippled industry

Intense thunderstorm hits Southern California, 1 489 pulses of lightning in just 5 minutes

Shortly after 20:00 PST, the National Weather Service recorded 1 489 pulses of lightning off the coast in just 5 minutes, 231 over Santa Barbara County and 40 in Los Angeles County.

“It’s a lot,” said NWS meteorologist Kathy Hoxsie. “We usually don’t get that.”

From 18:00 PST to midnight, Earth Networks detected more than 20 000 pulses.

“That’s a pretty intense system,” said AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Paul Walker. “It indicates the strength of the storm that’s coming on shore from the Pacific Ocean.”

New All-time Record Low Temperature in Illinois


Champaign, Ill., 3/6/19: An Arctic outbreak in late January 2019 led to widespread bitterly cold temperatures across much of the Upper Midwest, including Illinois. On the morning of Jan. 31, the cooperative weather observer at Mt. Carroll, located in Carroll County, reported a temperature of -38 degrees.

Women Go On BirthStrike Because Of Climate Change


BirthStrike is the newest movement in the push to advance climate change regulations.

At least 60 women have joined the BirthStrike movement, which encourages women to refuse to have children because they believe the earth is in crisis due to climate change. Members of this newly formed group believe it would be unjust to raise children in a world that could look vastly different than the world they grew up in.

Former Defence Chiefs Demand President Trump Desist From Reviewing Climate Change Advice

Former Defense Leaders Warn White House It’s ‘Dangerous’ To Downplay Climate Change

March 5, 20198:37 PM ET

In a letter to President Trump, 58 former military and national security officials expressed deep concern about reported plans to create “a committee to dispute and undermine military and intelligence judgments on the threat posed by climate change.”

“It is dangerous to have national security analysis conform to politics. Our officials’ job is to ensure that we are prepared for current threats and future contingencies. We cannot do that if the scientific studies that inform our threat assessments are undermined,” the letter stated.

Winter Storm Taylor to Bring More Snow, Ice and Wind to Parts of Plains, Upper Midwest and Northeast into This Weekend

At a Glance

  • Winter Storm Taylor will move into the West Thursday night.
  • Rain and higher-elevation snow are expected across the West into Friday.
  • Taylor’s area of low pressure will strengthen as it tracks through the central U.S. this weekend.
  • Snow and gusty winds are expected in parts of the Plains and Midwest.
  • Some snow and ice will also spread into parts of the Northeast.


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