What the hell is going on? 3.4 earthquake & Sinkhole opens at Kentucky zoo

LOUISVILLE, KY (WLKY) — Officials said they are investigating whether a Maynardville earthquake that happened Tuesday, caused a massive sinkhole to open inside the Louisville, Kentucky Zoo.

The hole was found in an undeveloped part of the zoo. Officials said no animals were injured and there was no damage to any buildings.

A zoo spokesperson said engineers are on site investigating.

Following the Tennessee earthquake, the Mega Cavern, an old limestone mine open to tourists in Louisville, Kentucky, closed as part of standard procedure.

“Earthquakes happen. This is a natural event. It is the Louisville Mega Cavern’s standard customary practice to close the cavern in the event of an earthquake. Our mine engineers will be inspecting the cavern out of an abundance of caution for the general public and our tenants,” Louisville Mega Cavern Executive Vice President Charles Park said.

“The Louisville Mega Cavern established this as our customary procedure for natural events back in 2012 when the last earthquake was reported in this area. Once our mining engineers give us the all clear, we will resume normal business operations. We are sorry for the inconvenience for our tourism guests.”


Stay turned tomorrow for a video why this event rises my eyebrows….

If anyone has read John L Casey’s Upheaval, you know what I mean…..


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