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Solar wind
speed: 310.2 km/sec
density: 6.8 protons/cm3
more data: ACEDSCOVR
Updated: Today at 0126 UT


European monthly rainfall record broken in Crete, major floods destroy historic bridge of Keritis, Greece @Watchers

Malta hit by worst storm since October 1982 @Watchers

Coldest February in Downtown Los Angeles since 1962, California @Watchers

Report: Green New Deal Could Cost Every US Household $65,000 A Year @WUWT

The Green New Deal could cost up to $93 trillion over a decade, according to a new report by the right-leaning American Action Forum (AAF).

That comes to an estimated cost of $36,100 to $65,300 per American household per year to meet the Green New Deal’s goals, AAF reported Monday. Those goals include “net-zero” emissions, widespread high-speed rail, guaranteed jobs, universal health care and upgrading every building.

Pushback – Trump’s Climate Red Team Forms @WUWT

The Trump administration is planning to create an ad hoc group of federal scientists to reassess and counter the government’s conclusions on climate change, The Washington Post reported Sunday.

The National Security Council (NSC) initiative would feature scientists who challenge the seriousness of climate change and the degree to which humans are the cause of climate problems, three unidentified administration officials told the Post.

The Post reported that the plan was discussed by administration officials on Friday in the White House Situation Room.

It is considered a modified version of NSC senior director and climate change denier William Happer’s plan to create a panel on climate change and national security, according to the newspaper.

The NSC declined to comment to the Post.



The snow just keeps on coming

PENDLETON, Oregon – More snow is in the forecast this week, as the weekend alone saw hefty accumulations. Pendleton received seven inches. Walla Walla got four inches. In the mountains, it’s been a snowy winter. Roadside snow measurements at Meacham stand at about 60 inches, with Tollgate having 130 inches of roadside snow.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Marc Austin says after a short break today, more is on the way.

Atmospheric River to Pummel California’s Sierra With Up to 10 Feet of Snow, Topping February Records @Weather.com

At a Glance

  • Another atmospheric river event is pounding California with feet of snow in the Sierra.
  • February snow records are falling in the Sierra.
  • The combination of this, plus high winds, is shutting down travel in the Sierra.
  • Heavy rain is also triggering flooding, mudslides and rockslides in Northern California.
  • High winds are also pounding the Sierra crest and areas downwind, including Reno, Nevada

Winter Storm Ryan to Spread Snow From the Upper Midwest to the Northeast Through Wednesday @Weather.com

At a Glance

  • Winter Storm Ryan will spread accumulating snow across the upper Midwest and Northeast through Wednesday.
  • This includes Boston, Hartford, Connecticut, and New York City along the Interstate 95 corridor.
  • Ryan brought snow to the Pacific Northwest, Sierra Nevada and northern Rockies at the beginning of the week.

New York Snow Cover

National Snowfall


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