David Dilley on Natural Climate Cycles w Grand Solar Minimum Channel

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Recently we had the pleasure to speak with David Dilley on his thoughts on climate change.

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Here is Davids Information:

David A. Dilley
President and Senior Research Scientist
Global Weather Oscillations, Inc.
Please see his site and read his EBOOKS!!

Mr. Dilley is President and Founder of Global Weather Oscillations, Inc. (GWO).
He has 40 years of meteorological and climatological experience in:
Earth’s Natural Climate Pulse Technology *CPT (patent pending)
Preparing meteorological and climate forecasts/predictions
Development of GWO’s cutting edge Climate Pulse Technology (CPT)
Development of GWO’s *CPT prediction models for weather and climate
Hurricane and Typhoon Track Predictions 4-years in advance (most accurate long-range predictions for 9 consecutive years)
El Niño and La Niña predictions 4 years into the future – most accurate of any organization the past 9-years
Global cooling and warming cycles
Climate cycle predictions
Regional earthquake predictions
Consultations for businesses, corporations
Presentations and Speaker appearances “Earth’s Natural Climate Pulse”
Researching natural forcing mechanisms that drive climate changes
At GWO, Mr. Dilley oversees the operations and development of forecast products and ongoing climate cycle research, develops specific climate cycle models for generation of climate/weather predictions years into the future. These forecasts include but are not limited to regional hurricane and tropical storm force wind probabilities, El Niño forecasts, regional earthquake predictions for strong earthquakes, specific regional historical weather events, such as recurring regional floods of historical nature, climate change research and predictions and outlooks.
Mr. Dilley formally began researching climate cycles while attending graduate school at Rutgers University in 1978, with full time research beginning in 1991.  By 1992 Mr. Dilley identified the Primary Forcing Mechanism (PFM) that controls the approximate 3.5-year temperature cycles of sea surface temperatures in the tropical South Pacific Ocean, and approximate 10-year and 72-year ambient air temperature cycles around the world.  It quickly became apparent that the PFM forcing mechanism is the power behind the Earth’s Natural Climate Pulse.  Mr. Dilley’s work developed the Climate Pulse Technology models (patent pending) that show a near 100 percent correlation to the formation of the El Niño in the east-central tropical South Pacific, annual hurricane tracks influencing land areas, and the Earth’s natural climate cycles including global warming and cooling, and other climate/weather cycles.
In 1992 Mr. Dilley formed Global Weather Oscillations, Inc.  (GWO) with the clear understanding that most weather and climate we experience on earth are cyclical in nature, and driven by this “Natural PFM” cycles. Continuing research over the next decade uncovered very high correlations between the PFM to historical regional floods, regional snowfall trends, and other climate cycles.  In 2005 to early 2006, the “regional hurricane landfall” model was developed, in early 2008 the model for global warming was made public, and then developed our first regional earthquake model in 2011.
Prior to forming GWO in 1992, Mr. Dilley began his weather career as a meteorologist with the National Weather Service and then a U.S. Air Force meteorologist. After leaving the Air Force with the rank of Captain, Mr. Dilley re-joined NOAA, the National Weather Service (NWS).  Duties as a senior forecaster included; preparing marine forecasts, aviation forecasts, general public forecasts, issuing weather warnings, monitoring severe weather events, and continuing to develop his ideas concerning mechanisms that control climate cycles. Other duties and assignments included; Quality Control Officer overseeing five National Weather Service Offices, and quality controlling meteorological programs at two Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pilot weather briefing centers, and the meteorologists at the Northeast Region FAA Control Center.  Mr. Dilley was also Meteorologist in Charge at a National Weather Service office, and worked closely with area Emergency Management offices during severe weather events, such as hurricanes and their impacts on the region, and spring flooding potentials.

Meteorological – Climatological studies for M.S. in Meteorology
                              Rutgers University:  Thesis “Possible Causes for Climate Cycles”.
Meteorological – Undergraduate studies for B.S. in Meteorology
Climatology and Climate Prediction – (Hon. Causa) Doctorate

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