Amazing Red Sprite Display – 215+k Outages as East Coast is Flooded Out


Severe storms knocked power to hundreds of thousands in eastern US

GIANT PALM TREE SPRITE: Last night in Texas, a flurry of red sprites exploded from the top of a powerful thunderstorm. One of the the red forms was so tall and bright, it was witnessed by naked-eye observers 200 miles away in Oklahoma. “My boys and I saw it with our unaided eyes,” marvels Paul Smith, who photographed the event from the shores of Lake Thunderbird, OK. This may be the first time that a sprite’s reflection has been captured in water:

Solar wind
speed: 358.8 km/sec
density: 8.5 protons/cm3
more data: ACE, DSCOVR
Updated: Today at 1507 UT

Spotless Days
Current Stretch: 33 days
2019 total: 106 days (62%)

215,000 were without power

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