3 confirmed dead..

More Tragic news from the watchers.news. This article is an review of the flooding and damage as of the 23rd of February.  Many in the region have communicated that this flood is reminiscence of the flood of 1997. Rain continues to pound the southern US as the heaviest rain has pushed off to the east and much of the east and mid west should remain dry through Wednesday of next week before more rain moves into the region but does not indicate the duration of last weeks rain.

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At least three people have died in widespread floods across central and southern United States over the past couple of days. Friday, February 23 will be another day with heavy rain which will further increase the risk of flash flooding and long-term flooding in the Southern Plains and the Lower/Mid-Mississippi and Ohio River Valleys. The NWS Weather Prediction Center has issued Moderate Risks for excessive rainfall for parts of these regions on Friday and into the weekend. Some areas may see an additional 100 – 130 mm (4 – 5 inches) of rain over the next 3 days.

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