New study suggests that a Maunder minimum type grand minimum is coming


Once again, we find another article the is confirming that not only are we going into a minimum, but possibly a Maunder minimum 2.0 or something to that effect. The thing that really catches my attention on this article is the part that talks about the unusual activity that we saw from the sun in September of 2017. It’s being said that usually , these rouge sunspots like the ones we saw in September of 2017, indicates in their research is the cause for maunder minimum type solar minimum. I’m now starting to agree about the claim that we will be cooling for the next 400 years. I wont be alive to see the entire cycle and I wouldn’t be surprised if we were actually heading towards the 1000 year long minimum that  many are predicting (Eddy Minimum). This paper goes on to say that scientist will know for sure within the next 2-3 years. Along with some convincing info from David( trusted source,the star man) about how he may have located the sunspot region that may kick off solar cycle 25 almost a full year earlier! Stay tunned as more information seems to be disclosed faster and faster. Here is the link to the paper:


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