March is up slightly to +0.24 C


graph by Dr. Roy Spencer

Its that time of the month again! No not that time…. March numbers are in and the temperature rose 0 .04 C. Not much of a rise but the trend is still clear. We have continued to inch closer to that baseline of 0.0 C since Feb. 2016 when we peaked at +0.88. As it stands now, we are sitting at a +0.24 C. That number is up from +0.20 C in February 2018 (down 0.68 C from Feb.2016). We had a slight peak in October of 2017 when values surged to +0.63 C after summer months ranged from +0.21-+0.43 C. Since that peak, the value has went down 0.39 C. With temps forecast  here in the states to be well below average in much of the northern plains ,mid-west and  the northeast,it should be interesting to compare the numbers from this spring and summer from last year. As I have said, all indications are showing more cooling on the way in this very early point of the Grand Solar Minimum.

Take a look at the entire article here:

UAH Global Temperature Update for March, 2018: +0.24 deg. C

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