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The intermittent eruption of lava in the Leilani Estates subdivision in the lower East Rift Zone of Kīlauea Volcano accompanied by toxic fumes and fountains up to 100 m (330 feet) high continues. A total of 11 fissures have emerged and 30 homes have been destroyed by 04:00 UTC today. The flow of lava has intensified on Sunday, May 6, 2018.


So far, we now have 11 fissures.(confirmed) Maybe the worst is over? We had a 6.9 magnitude earthquake and after that was when these fissures opened up. The worst are in the Leilani Estates subdivision. The video footage is amazing and horrifying at the same time. Of course this is not the eruption that leads to a year without summer or is it?

It’s been said that these lava flows and fissures opening up could last for several weeks. The question is now, will there be more lava flow and will more fissures open up? I watched an update last night and the gentleman that was holding a press conference was visibly tired and shocked. He hesitated a few times about the amount of fissures confirmed at the time. Leading me to believe that there could be several more  fissures, but just not yet confirmed.

One thing remains certain, the landscape will be forever changed in the east riff zone of the Kilauea volcano.I’ve said it before, we are alive in some incredible times, but the reality is also a little scary when you see the power of mother nature.

I recommend everyone who follows the Grand Solar Minimum channel to get a copy of “Upheaval” by John L Casey. The more we educate now, the more prepared we will be when the next big earthquake or volcano eruption happens.


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