Blue Moon Tonight!


RARE DOUBLE BLUE MOON: There’s a full Moon tonight, and according to modern folklore, it’s a Blue Moon–the second full Moon in a calendar month. Maximilian Teodorescu sends this picture of the waxing orb from Bucharest, Romania:

The full-sized image is impressive–made more so by the fact that this is a rare “double Blue Moon.”

We’ve already had one Blue Moon in January 2018, a month bookended by full Moons on the 2nd (02:24 UTC) and 31st (13:27 UTC). It’s happening again in March, with full Moons on the 2nd (00:51 UTC) and 31st (12:37 UTC). The last time two Blue Moons occurred in such quick succession was January and March of 1999.

What color will you see when the Moon rises tonight? Blue Moons don’t actually turn blue … except when they do. Go outside and take a look!

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