16 dead, 140 injured Super Charged Lightning

photo : watchers.news

A single lightning strike killed 16 and injured 140 at a church in Rwanda, Africa (Seventh day Adventist). 14 had died on the spot and two more died later at the hospital. Out of the 140 injured only 3 are in critical condition, but improving. Now this happened on March 10th  2018 but the mayor had also reported that a similar event took place on March 9th 2018 and struck a group of students , killing one. These lightning strikes have gotten worse since 2016

This lightning event is possible due to our weak magnetosphere that allows more highly charged particles into our atmosphere .Rwanda is known for these lightning events but are starting to happen more often at a much powerful rate. Rwanda is a mountainous region and its been theorized that mountains were created by plasma over a period of time hundreds of thousands of years ago due to massive lightning strikes.The question is, are we going to see the kind of lightning that we saw during the ancient times that help shape our planet to what it is now. If so, get ready for more changes as it is already happening. Here is the link to the article :


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