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Sun with magnetic field lines (NASA/SDO)

3 Holes Just Opened on The Sun, And Earth Is Being Slammed With Geomagnetic Storms

Here’s what you need to know.

So much fake news on the internet and there is no end in sight. Its bad enough that we see so many people lying to the public about man made global warming, Now we see articles like this. Click bait or lack of understanding? I hope its a lack of under standing. In this article here, which I will leave the link below, this writer claims that the sun had 3 coronal holes that had just opened up and will smash the earth with Geomagnetic storms.

First I’ll address the 3 coronal holes. In the sdo photo they use dated the 4th of April 2018, they point to the coronal hole that’s affecting earth now and the other two holes were at the north and south poles of the sun, so to speak. The coronal holes at the top and bottom of the sun did not just open up. I don’t think ive seen them ever close up in my time of researching this topic, plus, those two coronal holes do not affect the earth like the earth facing (equatorial region) coronal hole. Only coronal holes in the equatorial region affect earths magnetic field. The severity of the geomagnetic storm matters the most when it comes to what kind of damage a G1 through  G5 can do. (please see video on ranking geomagnetic storms .

As for the earth getting slammed by these storms? The G1 came and went the day before that this article was wrote. There is a 50% chance today for a G1 type storm but as of right now(4/12/18 11:30am), our KP is at a 2 and we need to be at a KP of 5 to see a minor G1 storm as also discussed in Mari’s video that i left the link for. Its a shame that this author doesn’t understand space weather because others like her will probably be concerned when reading this headline. But fear not. if ever in doubt of what class storm we are in, just go to there you will see what the KP is sitting at real time. Websites like are here to educate and understand the changes that are coming. Please review our resources on our links and there you will find the data that we report.

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