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  1. Hey Jake and Mari I love watching your channel on youtube! I think you guys are doing such a great job. Thank you and keep up the hard work. Also if you get the chance look up Salzburg, Austria. They have already gotten 50″ of snow with more on the way. The pictures from there are quite amazing.

  2. hi guys, i appreciate all the hard work done on the site! I know from having websites that it isnt free and is a lot of work. Thanks!

    1. I have been working day and night on it! It has been painfully expensive and time consuming but right now… looking at it… its very rewarding!! I am glad you like it and hope you enjoy all the features I have integrated in so far!! 😀

  3. To Jake and Mari I think the website and the YouTube channel is great. Whenever I get to Walmart and then figure out which debit card is the correct one to buy things off the internet I will be more than glad to buy a few things from yall’s store. If you can tell me what card I should get it would be a tremendous help because I am ignorant in these matters?

  4. Hello Mari,
    At the end of yesterday’s livestream you requested people contribute ideas on how to grow food in cold temperatures. I wanted to give you a heads-up to check out Patrick in Chicago. He’s been posting his unseated hoop-house successes during this polar vortex. The following is a link to his YT channel ‘ OYR Frugal and Sustainable Organic Gardening’.

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